EE Fund Management LLC is a California Registered Investment Advisory firm that offers the following products and services:



1. The Electronic Entertainment Fund: EE Fund is a video game industry investment partnership. Information about this fund is restricted and only available to investors that meet qualified investor requirements. If interested, please contact Ted Pollak at 415.359.7438 or email


2. Managed Account Investment Services: EE Fund Management provides diversified investment services for select clients who want their entire investable net worth (or a portion of it) managed with a customized risk/return portfolio approach based on their specific risk tolerance and tax strategy. Current portfolios include (but are not limited to) investments in the following sectors: energy, medical, financial, computer software and hardware, food, entertainment, infrastructure, and retail. We are generally focused on valuation, fundamentals, product quality, and pipeline, though we take into consideration management, competition, and many other factors when choosing investments.


3. Industry Analytics and Consulting: EE Fund Management has been called upon to analyze market trends and opportunities as well as consult with companies participating in, or interested in, the electronic entertainment sector. Examples of past projects include a general industry report, specific sub-sector revenue forecasts and reports, and international sales strategy.



Ted Pollak is the Founder and President of EE Fund Management LLC. The Company was formed in 2004 to act as a general investment manager (a California Registered Investment Advisor) and also to manage The Electronic Entertainment Fund LP (a Delaware sector focused investment partnership). Mr. Pollak also created EEndex (the world’s first video game industry equity index) and the EE Fund Video Game Tech Index (an ETF optimized video game industry equity index). Additionally, Pollak is a Senior Gaming Industry Analyst for Jon Peddie Research, a Tiburon California based market research and consulting firm and is an Entertainment Technology Expert for the Gerson Lehrman Group Council, an independent primary research firm serving business and investment leaders in North America, Asia and Europe.


Pollak has been in the financial products and services industry for 21 years, and has worked in operational and financial management, equity trading, relationship management, marketing, and investment system operations at various firms including Wells Capital Management, SDR Capital Management, Osborne Partners, and Robert W. Baird. Mr. Pollak also has experience from Hambrecht & Quist and other investment industry companies.


Mr. Pollak holds a degree in history and business from CSUC and an Eastern Michigan University overseas program spanning 15 countries. He holds the NASD Series 65 License, and has passed the NASD Series 7, NASD Series 63, and CFA Level I exams.



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